Speaker Instructions

Thank you very much for choosing IGTC2023 Kyoto as a conference to present your latest research developments. Please follow the instructions below for your presentation.

Speaker’s Meeting
There will be a short meeting among the chairpersons and speakers just before each session. The speakers are requested to arrive at the session room at least 10 minutes before the session starts.

Timing of Presentations
Each speaker is allotted 25 minutes including introduction and discussion (20 minutes talk and 5 minutes discussion would be considered standard). Therefore, speakers are advised to finish their presentation within 20 minutes and allow at least 5 minutes for discussion. The remaining time is indicated by ringing the bell on the chairperson’s desk as follows:
Ring once: 15 minutes from start of the presentation.
Ring twice: 20 minutes from start of the presentation.

Audio Visual Equipment
Each session room is equipped with a projector and screen. Speakers are advised to bring their own PC for presentation and to check their materials in advance of their session. Session venues provide one HDMI cable connection at the podium for speakers.

Presentation Material
We recommend speakers prepare slides in 16:9 format however 4:3 format is also acceptable.

A member of the Program Committee and some student assistants are assigned to each session room to assist your presentation.